Thursday, September 26, 2002

Yahoo! News - South Dakota ballot measure allow defendants to tell jury they can ignore the law

You know, from what I hear, it's not exactly hard to get around laws such as those banning marijuana use. And I think this is motivated primarily by ideology. It appears mostly to be window-dressing. Not that the people holding this view are necessarily aware of the pragmatic nature of the way in which they make political decisions.

This is the way people's minds work political. They make a first impulse decision on what ought to be. Then, they try to make it fit within their political ideology. Of course, ideologies are powerful heuristics if fully deployed and a knee-jerk reaction will often easily fit into one. It usually doesn't take much adjustment to incorporate a new stance into an old set of views.

As noted in the article, some of the people supporting this idea of jury nullification are pro-marijuana. Color me cynical, but I think a lot of them are potheads who want weed by any means possible. It just happens to fit into a hedonistic ideology.

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