Tuesday, January 28, 2003

A friend weighs in on the "War on Drugs" and I respond.

Prohibition (and economics) tells us that any good or service will have a black market if people want it bad enough, whether it's alcohol, mariuana, abortion, sex, or Cheetos.

Except for the hardcore libertarians out there, I'm guessing that most of the pro-drug legalization types would want a legal drug industry to be regulated like any other business. What's worse, a Colombian drug lord or a corporate America drug lord? Or did you think that becoming a nice legitimate businessman makes one a saint? At what point will the attorneys general of 30-odd states sue the cocaine industry?

I'm of two minds on drugs. One is that I don't mind the current regime too much. While I would like to spend more money on drug treatment, I don't mind the idea of enforcement of drug laws concentrating on people who are stupid and blatant, while letting slide people who are discrete and smart about their usage. Sort of a "don't ask don't tell" policy. Don't go looking too hard, but nail to a wall anyone who does drugs plus other non-drug crimes.

My other mind is much more vicious. I want to genetically modify drug plants so that they don't produce a high, but they are instead incredibly toxic. Next time the police find a field of marijuana in Kentucky, I'd plant some real "killer weed." Of course, I would announce in advance that these sorts of things were taking place, I just wouldn't say where.

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