Tuesday, October 21, 2003

A story out of Malta suggests that various issues labeled as sexual ones on which the Catholic Church is conservative are not necessarily linked in people's minds. A majority of Malta (which is over 90% Catholic) , agree with current Church stance on divorce (64%), women priests (62%), same-sex marriage (81%), and abortion (94%), but only 35% agreed on the use of contraceptives.

I'd have to look up those numbers in the U.S. and I'm not particularly inspired to run the data right now. (Hmmm...is the 2002 NES data set out there yet?) From a purely political viewpoint irrespective of doctrinal considerations, I think that the Catholic Church could actually boost opposition to abortion by allowing at least some divorce, permitting women to be priests, and softening it's stance on homosexuality, permitting non-Catholic homosexuals to legally act quite un-Catholic.

Of course, the Catholic Church has never been good at politics in America.

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