Monday, December 22, 2003

The Washington Post has an article describing the Pope's inner circle, referred to as "the Apartment." It's not a hugely surprising thing that a prominent person has an inner circle; it would be a downright disturbing sign of micro-management if that were not the case.

Take a note of the people listed. I highly doubt that any of them will become Pope, although odds are at least one of them has entertained such ambitions in his lifetime. (Take a sigh of relief, those of you who feared the wrath of Pope Ratzinger.) People spoke of Clinton-fatigue as a reason why the American public might be less than enthused about Al Gore in 2000. I can see the College of Cardinals looking for something a bit different. It's not that the past is a bad thing, but more of the same can be tiring. It's the same as a baseball team replacing a "player's coach" with a martinet.

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