Monday, May 10, 2004

The liberals are calling for the head of Donald Rumsfeld. The conservatives are saying it's not so bad.

Here are a few questions I have not seen addressed much with respect to prisoners in Iraq.

1) The Bush administration refused to be a part of an international war crimes tribunal. How would this have played out if the U.S. were party to such an institution? I have to guess that things like this are exactly what Bush and company wanted to avoid coming up before an international body of law and perhaps they anticipated such things occurring.

2) To what degree are the same things happening in Guantanamo Bay? If intelligence was directing the military to police to do these things as has been claimed by the guards, I would say this is occurring elsewhere.

3) If an Iraqi prison guard had treated American POW's this way, how would he have been punished by the U.S. post-war? Would it be more or less than the American MPs will receive? My guess is that the Iraqi dishing out the punishment and the Iraqi giving the orders will receive greater punishment than their American counterparts.

4) If Donald Rumsfeld is fired/resigns, who is his likely successor? Really, I doubt this will happen, but it's a fun political hot stove league question to pass around.

Just curious.
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