Saturday, July 24, 2004

Re: Now That Everyone Else Has One: Funny Thing About Baseless Accusations --
A comment posted in response to this post:

Do you even read entire newspapers anymore? Or do you just read stories linked to by blogs that are linked to by Instapundit?

Republican leaders and the Bush-Cheney campaign have suggested that Mr. Berger sought to pass classified information to Mr. Kerry.
--New York Times (I'm directly quoting NYT but they're only indirectly quoting the unnamed Republican source)

Doesn't it seem bizarre to single out Kerry by name in that accusation? Wouldn't your immediate instinct as a journalist be to badger your source for any evidence, anything, that such an allegation is true?

Also, the right needs to pick a horse and stick with it. Are they claiming that Berger was snooping to find info for John Kerry (and keep in mind, he was apparently doing his research last year, before any primary) or are they claiming Berger was destroying evidence that would make Bill Clinton look bad? Or both? I'm hearing both conspiracy theories and they can't both be correct; the Democrats just aren't that organized.

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