Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Torture and the Rhetoric of Democracy --
Something I posted to this Daily Kos thread:

Sometimes I think there are people on the left who oppose torture from a purely self-interested viewpoint because they consider themselves strong opponents of George W. Bush and ultimately fear that torture is a tool that will be used against them.

Torture in and of itself is not a sufficiently strong enough talking point. We must take up a rhetorical stance that (correctly) paints this administration as one that does not love democracy but only uses the rhetoric of democracy as propaganda.

The confirmation of Gonzales is a slap in the face of the Iraqi people. How can the United States expect them to have love democracy when the American example rewards the culture that produced Abu Graib.

This talking point should be expressed to the Arab world on their television. Citizens in other countries should demonstrate not against the U.S.in general but against this man. Let his face be displayed on signs and let there be an unprecedented international furor over such an appointment.

Let's talk about torture, but let's talk about it in context.
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