Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Taking the Center Position --
According to this story: "Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick of Washington said yesterday that neither the Vatican nor the majority of U.S. bishops think the Roman Catholic Church should routinely deny Communion to politicians because of their stand on abortion." The story goes on to say that the bishops appear to be endorsing the view that such politicians should not be given honors by Catholic organizations, but should not be ostracized.

I think this is the proper course for the U.S. bishops to take. While they remain opposed to abortion, they are also cognizant of the possibility of being used politically. While there are certainly reactionary bishops and there are some luminary progressives out there, by and large, the clergy are somewhere in the middle, unwilling to be torn by forces at either end.

Keep this in mind the next time some bishop says something stupid: the most outspoken are not necessarily the spokesmen, and many bishops would rather concentrate on their own diocese rather than grandstand on a national stage.
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