Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Insight Scoop | The Ignatius Press Blog --
Via Insight Scoop, The Ignatius Press Blog, I come across this Frank Furedi essay.

The liberal elite's obsession with the insidious threat posed by faith-based films is paralleled by its paranoia about the religious right. Anti-religious crusaders, in particular in the US, continually exaggerate the influence of Christianity in culture and politics. Every time I visit America, this fear seems to have worsened. Raising the alarm about Christian fundamentalists has become a taken-for-granted affectation among those who define themselves as liberal or left-wing, who are forever telling horror stories about the power of the religious right.

Honestly, I can think of worse people than Christian fundamentalists. Communists, for one. And I'm about as equally fond of libertarians as I am of Christian fundamentalists.

What has happened is that some of the left have decided that religion is horribly, horribly anti-rational and that there is no talking to "them." Read the comments of Daily Kos and you find that a significant segment of the left have the intellectual prowess of your average freepers.

The progressive movement suffers from hubris of elitism, the belief of overwhelming righteousness of cause and the feeling that people not recognizing "obvious" political truths are stupid, ignorant, deluded, or somehow tricked.
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