Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Christian Development --
Via linkfilter.net:

Joe Swanson's office looks like a minister's office -- dark wood furniture on red carpet -- and in a gentle voice he talks about God and Christianity, usually smiling as he does so.

But he isn't a minister. He's a developer.

Swanson grew up in a Christian home, raised his children the same way, and when he talks about how blessed he is, there's something so genuine in his tone that you'll probably nod in agreement, whether you agree or not.

So he's decided to spread his faith, but instead of standing at a pulpit preaching to a congregation, he's found a more subtle way to introduce Christianity into society — by building mixed-use developments. Swanson is not the only one who's found that, when it comes to real estate, faith can be an amenity.
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Joe Swanson as in Peter's neighbor on Family Guy?!?!

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