Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kos On Why I Sometimes Can't Stand Daily Kos --
Kos goes meta:

But every election there's a crew that screams about biases and the like. I consider it an occupational hazard, and I know those people will always be there, but I want to make it clear that 1) those people are wrong. When I have a favorite, I'll say so. I'm not afraid to speak my mind (if you hadn't noticed). And 2) those people aren't doing their candidates any favors. Being obnoxious, whiny, and wearing tin foil hats don't reflect well on the object of their adoration.

In 2004, the "most annoying supporters" prize went, I'm sad to say, to the Dean crowd. In 2006, the Hackett brigades were insufferable. Remember? Only Hackett was "electable" because Brown was "too liberal" and blah blah blah blah? Senator Sherrod Brown showed just how irrational (in addition to insufferable) that crowd was. The runner-up prize went to the Christine Cegelis supporters, who, despite all their kvetching, couldn't help their candidate win in a ridiculously low turnout primary. It's as if they were so busy crying about the injustices suffered by their candidate that they forgot to turn out and vote.

I think there are honest conservatives out there who are privately are unhappy that they have to share their party with religious loonies and other unsavories, but know that they have to get along to get anything done. I feel that way about the Democratic Party, except replace the religious right with certain segments. These include, but are not limited too, evangelical atheists, marjuana legalization advocates, single issue voters who insist that gay marriage/abortion/some other social issues must be a litmus test for Democrats in the same way that it sometimes appears to be for Republicans. Half of my comments over there can be reduced to "stop being a moron who makes me embarassed that we're on the same side".
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