Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Why Russell Arben Fox Is Not Pro-Life (But Not Pro-Choice Either) --
Scott Lemieux at Lawyers, Guns, and Money points to this Russell Arben Fox post at In Medias Res in which he discusses his ambivalence over abortion.

I don't think that it is at all obvious that abortion should be legal or that abortion should be illegal in the way that slavery and racial discrimination against blacks are wrong. From this viewpoint, I'm a bit more tolerant of people on the other side because they're not evil, mustachioed movie villains willingly choosing to do bad.

I found Fox's excerpt of an email from Crooked Timber blogger Harry Brighouse interesting:

[I should tell you about] my experiences at abortion clinic defences in the late 80's and early 90's. I used to be much more confident than I am now that abortion was permissible, and was in a milieu which participated in the defences--I must have gone to 15 or so in my time. I HATED them for several reasons. The most striking were these--I hated being in a demonstration in which the police were on our side; I hated being in a demonstration in which my side was visibly composed of wealthier more privileged people than the other side; and I hated the fact that I knew that, my socialist contingent excepted, the people on my side were less committed to my ideals of social justice than many of the leaders of the other side; who were often leading lay Catholics and Catholic priests whom I'd seen at meetings and demonstrations in support of our Central America work and helping to organise community support for strikes of low paid workers (this was in Southern California)--you never saw the NOW or NARAL people at such things.
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