Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eliot Spitzer and Double Standards --
Over at Open Left, Chris Bowers wonders if Eliot Spitzer's resignation is part of a partisan double standard, which turns into a bash the media session.

I ask in the comments:

What about Barney Frank? He weathered a scandal involving a male prostitute.

Really, it's very simple. If you have a high approval rating, you can survive a sex scandal. Spitzer has poor approval ratings. So did McGreevey. Vitter had a strong approval rating of his constituents. Bill Clinton and Barney Frank likewise.

If Spitzer was the most popular governor in the country, I bet he wouldn't resign. If the Monica Lewinsky thing had happened in 1994, Bill Clinton might have.

Commenter texas dem backs me up by saying that Senate Democrats would have turned on Clinton in 1998 if his poll numbers hadn't held up.

Over at the Mojo blog, Johnathan Stein asks about Spitzer vs. Larry Craig and David Vitter:

So what's the double standard? Governors vs. Senators? Jews vs. Gentiles? Democrats vs. Republicans? Or people with self-respect vs. people without?
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