Monday, September 30, 2002

Take a look at the talking heads programs that appear on various channels. There's Press & Buchanan and Curtis & Kuby on MSNBC. Watch Hannity and Colmes on the oxymoronic network that is FoxNews. Check out Margaret Carlson on The Capital Gang on CNN. Notice something in common about the "liberal" talking heads?

Why is it that the mainstream left-of-center point of view is always represented by a weenie in glasses? Not that glasses are a sign of weakness. In fact, an intelligent, thoughtful-looking girl in glasses can be sexy. But I can't help but get the impression that the media establishment just thinks that this is the way that liberals ought to look, along with all the stereotypes it carries. Should a defense policy come up for discussion, it generally doesn't help that the liberal arguing a point is a pacifist because otherwise he would get beat up by a kindergartener.

Liberal bias in the media, my ass. True, I wear glasses. But at least I would carry myself like I would be willing to kick Dubya's ass in a fistfight, if necessary. They should put me on TV. Well, I'm not the mainstream liberal spouting lines like an official organ of the Democratic National Committee. And what they seem to want are predictable liberal/conservative types so that the course of a pseudo-debate is predictable. Can't have too many surprises in the news business.

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