Monday, February 03, 2003

A few thoughts on going to Mass this Sunday:

There was no homily. Rather, we were subjected to what was basically an infomercial for a diocesan fund for various worthy causes on a big screen TV that required moving the priest's chair from its customary spot to in between the altar and the ambo. I'm not necessarily opposed to the fund, and I think it is a good idea since it provides money for the Newman centers in the diocese, but I thought it odd.

The choir had some funky little bell production for the music. I think it was the regular choir. That got me thinking. Wouldn't it be nice if a diocese sponsored a few musical group that provides a change of pace for a local congregation, going to various different churches in the diocese with something other than the choir/organ/piano set up that most of us are used to? I've occasionally seen a Christian group perform at a church as part of a tour in support of an album. This would be similar, and it would give church organists a potential weekend off.

Modern churches don't have choir lofts anymore. I wonder how much of that has to do with the American with Disabilities Act.

I've never been one to accept Communion under both species. There was a time when I didn't mainly because I didn't drink alcohol at all (Man, how times have changed) and it's just become habit. I notice that most people don't. I'm not sure if they just don't want to, if they feel it messes up seating if they step out of the line filing back to the pews, or if they find the idea of sharing a cup with other people gross.

In some churches, there's an aisle of nothingness that goes up the center of the pews as groups of one or two take up either side of the pew, leaving a gap in the middle. It seems sad. I wish some churches would reduce seating, forcing people to sit close together up the front. And why do some people arrive ten minutes early and sit way in the back?
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