Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Some Nuts are Volunteering to be Human Shields

Well, I suppose they're courageous, but they're idiots unless they went in under the assumption that they would be killed. And perhaps still morons even if. Come on, folks! The War on Stupid is supposed be waged against George W. Bush, not against voluntary human shields.

The wheels are turning in my mind about spies pretending to be human shields so that they can do a little snooping and figure out which sites are important enough to deserve human shields. This idea has definitely been considered by Saddam Hussein. And perhaps the American press wouldn't be cooperative, but I'm betting that the human shield folks don't possess an informational infrastructure independent of Saddam Hussein.

This is just stupid. It's not going to sway any minds. It just gives the right-wing more fodder for their argument that anyone opposing war is either a traitor, a crazy, a naive fool, or some combination of those. There are ways to oppose war. This ain't one.

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