Wednesday, March 19, 2003

I'm on the road, but I can blog a bit.

Take this war thing. The left tends to come off as a a bunch of whiny types who can't move on. Ironic, given the success of For example, the left spends way too much time whining about the exploits of that freewheelin', Happy Meal-eatin', election-stealin' son-of-a-gun. 2000 is in the past. Yes, it ought to be remembered, but there are plenty of present-day situations one can use to nail the president of Oceania, George W. Bush, and his Inner Party. By moving on from 2000, one can look forward to regime change in 2004.

The whole stop-war effort has lost. The new battle is what happens when the war is over and where the next war will be, and trust me, there are people out there planning for the next war. More in the Middle East? North Korea? Venezuela? Colombia? What will a conquered Iraq look like? I don't think anyone doubts that the U.S. military will eventually roll over Saddam Hussein.

If the left keeps whining about peace, it is dead. If it adopts the stance of "given that war will occur, what now," then there is hope. I'm not saying that the left ought to abandon opposition to war, just that it not expend too much energy flailing at a political battle that is already over. Once, people cried "Remember Goliad!" and "Remember the Alamo!" Now, heading into 2004 is the time to yell, "Remember 2000" and "Remember that damn fool in the White House who tried to wreck the U.N. by waging a war that many not have been necessary in a manner designed to get other countries to turn against us." Well, ok, the latter slogan is unwieldy, but it is true.

So, move on, oh left, move on. Don't try to refight past battles. Instead, take the initiative and choose the next battleground.

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