Monday, March 10, 2003

To date, there aren't too many statements by an actual St. Bonaventure player in any news story. Robert Cheeks is on the record, noting that the coaches and administration were unwilling to inform the players of what was going on.

Most commentators seem to castigate the players for voting to not play. Cowards and quitters, these players are called. Well, put me in the column of voting yes to boycott the last few games if I were a player.

I think it quite appropriate to protest being jacked around by refusing to play the game anymore and just simply walking away. It's exactly what I would do. It's exactly what I have done in other circumstances.

Walking out sends exactly the message that needs to be sent: we refuse to take part in a corrupt system any longer. The only thing I might have done differently would have been to delay a walk-out until the minute before the tip-off of the next game.

In college sports, all sins are forgiven so long as they can be hidden and the team is winning. Now, it's quite possible that these are a bunch of petulant children looking for an excuse to get an early start on spring break.

On the other hand, this can be the ultimate expression of "You fuck with us, we fuck with you." I'm an advocate of scorched earth policies. Seek and destroy. Bring the house down. There are rumblings that other Atlantic-10 schools want to explore the option of tossing the Bonnies out of the league. Alumni money will come to a halt. The school rep is ruined. I'd like to think that the players wanted to create this level of chaos. Lord knows, if I were on that team, that would be my intent.

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