Thursday, February 12, 2004

I've read most of Robert Heinlein, but I found one early novel I hadn't read before, Beyond This Horizon

And, well, I still haven't read it, at last not all the way to the end. I used to like Heinlein when I was a kid. Now I find him pretty blah. Mostly, I dislike his politics. In reading this book, I realize why I liked him; his characters share a certain trait with me: this tendency to go off-topic on mini-rants about society. On the other hand, Heinlein always wrote horrible female characters. His fascination with incest rivals Piers Anthony's fascination with "buxom" young women. And Heinlein is annoyingly obsessed with eugenics, as his heroes and heroines are always the product of a genetic convergence of traits, whether by natural or artificial means.

But his short stories are still fun.

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