Tuesday, June 15, 2004

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In response to the objection about rote memorization making the Pledge of Allegiance, the true purpose of public education is not education but socialization. Just look at the history of public schooling in America; schools were given a decidedly Protestant cast to "protect" against Catholicism, leading to the creation of a parochial school system.

Nowadays, people wish to use education as a vehicle for promoting "tolerance." That's just another way in which schools are used for socialization rather than education. I'm not opposed to using public schools in this manner, but I am honest enough to admit what's going on.

Does rote repetition influence people, especially children? Are math problem sets just busy work or does repeated application of principles reinforce how do do basic math? Does the repetitive nature of things on Sesame Street fail to worK?

Or does, as you say, rote repetition suck the meaning out of a thing. Are we arguing over what, through the sledgehammer of over-and-over, becomes a minute of each day lost to some increasingly inane formula?
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