Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I Heart Razz --
The Razz World Series of Poker tournament on ESPN was marvelous, I thought. So, I was rather pleased to see this site add Razz sit and go's to their line-up. I happened to be online early, early morning following the software update that included the addition of Razz and so I sat in on what may have been the first ever Razz SNG on-line. Only $5+$0.50 right now and no ring games available right now, as they are just testing the waters to see who is interested.

Long story short, I won, in the process knocking out this former Bible salesman who was checking in from his vacation in Bangkok.

I think I had an advantage over players who were in it for the novelty. True story, heads-up I nodded off for five minutes, losing 30 straight hands and reversing my 2-to-1 chip lead and putting me in the underdog seat. But I rose to the challenge and made the come-from-behind win.

A few random notes about Razz:
1. Even though it is a limit game, you can still bluff. "Dutch" Boyd may want me to give him lessons on when it is appropriate.
2. You absolutely can't wait until you have a made hand to bet and raise.
3. Like all seven-card-stud variations, if you aren't willing to complete after someone else bring's in and you fold to a raise on 3rd street, you really don't have much of a justification for being in the hand.
4. Really, really bad players really have no chance at this game.
5. Check-raising on a late street is your friend.
6. A pair on the board is not necessarily a reason to be afraid.
7. The key is being able to tell when your opponent is still drawing and when he has a made hand.
8. The second key is being able to confuse your opponent as to whether you are still drawing or whether you have made a hand.

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