Thursday, November 04, 2004

Reality-Based Liberalism --
Some of the reaction on the left has been to blame the victims voters of being so dumb.

Listen, assholes, the American public is just as smart or dumb as it was a week ago when you thought Kerry would win. It was just as smart or dumb in the previous decade when it was putting Bill Clinton in the White House. It was just as smart or dumb in history when it was electing JFK and FDR.

The left may have some idealistic principles worth defending, but middle America doesn't instinctively share some of those values and you should have known that. I did, after all.

The left can't remake the hearts of the heartland anymore than George W. Bush can remake the souls of the Middle East through his ill-fought war in Iraq.

And that is a problem the left has, feeling that if they can just pass the right laws and get the right court rulings, that we can create a multicultural, tolerant utopia. And that is a position highly ignorant of reality.

What we need is a progressive, optimistic view of the future that disdains utopianism. And that isn't going to happen until there is a frank, realistic understanding of human nature, of the hearts and minds and souls of this country, of what is possible and not possible.

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