Saturday, April 02, 2005

Ronald Reagan = Murders --
From Elaine Supkis:

The first shuttle destruction: President Reagan wanted to feature in major speech, the teacher in space program which was launching the first teacher. Unfortunately, a very fierce cold front swooped down deep into Florida. Winds up in NYC were ferocious. I had a dental appointment that day. Before leaving, I called my dad at his home in California to warn him about launching the shuttle. He said, "Don't worry, we never will launch under these conditions". I said, "According to the news, they are going to put the astronauts aboard now. You better stop it". He agreed and called a special meeting where they debated launching it. After consideration, they canelled the launch.

The head of NASA nixed this because Reagan was adamant. He wanted to talk to the teacher before the whole nation. Great PR for NASA and himself.

Rot in hell, Reagan.
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