Sunday, February 05, 2006

Religious Divorce Laws --
This Washington Post article describes Jews in search of a get, a religious divorce which allows them to remarry within their faith.

I feel sorry for the woman, but I also highly respect and admire her faith in being willing to not even date until she receives a religious sanction.
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Blogger amechad said...

Of course, because she's not divorced. If she didn't receive a civil divorce it would be the same thing. It's stupid (which is too nice a word -- ma better word may be assholes) humans (i.e. her husband) who withhold the divorce that he knows he owes her. But, the fundamental problem is not the religious legal system but the humans (albeit there is always the question of can the Beit Din or religious leaders do more to help her). In the case of Israel, for example, one sometimes has meservei get (the correct term, not aguna - an aguna is one whose husband has disappeared but may still be alive) b/c the judges on the Beit Din (wrongly) do not support the woman's claim)

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