Thursday, February 09, 2006

Update: Tucker Carlson Is Still a Dick --
Via Jim Romenesko, Chicago Tribune managing editor Jim O'Shea write:

Taping your show that ran on MSNBC last night was a real lesson for me. I now understand why you have so few viewers. Who wants to deal with someone whose backbone is as flimsy as his bow tie.

Your personal and derogatory comment about me after my taped appearance on your show to discuss why the Chicago Tribune decided not to publish cartoons offensive to Muslims was cowardly. When I was in the Army (an experience I'm sure you've not shared), we referred to people like you as "guys who back up to the pay table."

It is one thing to disagree with me about the decisions we make in what we run and don't run in the Chicago Tribune. You even had the gall to say "I respectfully disagree but I appreciate your coming on (to the show) to explain it." That was when I was being taped, or as close as you could come to looking me in the eye.

After the tape ran on your live show later and I (and the hundreds of millions of other Americans who don't watch Tucker) were otherwise occupied, you referred to my newspaper as "cowardly" and to me personally as a "corporate worm." You didn't even have the guts to say that to me on tape.

It is no wonder that people don't want to appear on your show. I know I won't appear on your show or MSNBC and I would guess that would apply to my colleagues at the Chicago Tribune.

I resent your comment about my newspaper even more than your craven characterization of me. The Chicago Tribune is an honorable newspaper run by people who believe journalism is more than a game show. The people who work here are brave, courageous reporters and editors who make tough calls everyday, an experience I know you can't understand since you've never done so. Many have risked their lives bringing news to our readers. For someone like you to imply they are cowardly is disgusting.

Then again I guess I should be more understanding. When someone is at the bottom of a well in the ratings and desperate for attention, I shouldn't be surprised that they slide so naturally into name-calling. I suspect that the Chicago Tribune will be around a lot longer than you, Tucker, and if I'm wrong, I will buy you your drink of choice, which is probably a sarsaparilla.
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