Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Is Religious Outrage Trivial? --
The Religious Left Online makes the following observation about recent conservative outrage over the censoring of VeggieTales

The good news is that social conservatives are always getting upset over triivial stuff like this. No one takes them seriously about it and they end up looking a little goofy (have they proposed a boycott against Goofy?), but as long as it occupies their time and efforts, our culture is probably safe.

I think it is a mistake to relegate religious opinions to the "trivial" sphere. A lot of trivial things build up over time and create a negative impression. A failure to take American religious opinions seriously seems to me to be quite similar to the Bush administration's failure to grasp the reality of Arab public opinion in the Middle East. Outraged conservative Christian leaders do not necessarily speak for all Christians, but they do need to be confronted, rather than ceding the debate as concerning a merely "trivial" matter beneath serious public discourse.
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