Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Men vs Women on Technology --
The New York Times most e-mailed articles include a wide assortment of articles such as this one on how high-definition is affecting the pornography industry. I'm not highlighting this to talk about porn, but about one comparison of human behavior by actress and director Stormy Daniels (who also notes that “The biggest problem is razor burn.”):

Within the industry, the issue seems to have created a difference in perspective that cuts roughly along gender lines. Some male actors have begun using makeup to mitigate wrinkles or facial flaws, but generally they, and the male directors, are less worried about high-definition’s glare and more enamored of the technology.

Ms. Daniels said that attitude was just so typical of men.

“Men are all about outdoing each other, being up with the times, being cool, having the latest technology,” she said. “They’re willing to sacrifice our vanity and imperfections to beat each other” to high-definition, she said.

If the stereotype is accurate, a man might look at this as an admission that women are too vain, while a woman might look at this as another example of men being insensitive to the feelings of women. I'm not sure how much I believe the stereotype.
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