Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ex-Priest Tries to Confuse the Issue in Sex Abuse Case --
Via the Los Angeles Times:

A former Roman Catholic priest said in court Wednesday that the rights of homosexuals have been violated by a state law that makes it easier to prosecute gay pedophiles than heterosexual child molesters.

It apparently was the first time that gay rights had been introduced into the ongoing prosecution of current and former Catholic priests alleged to have molested children.

The state law in question imposes no time limits on prosecuting heterosexuals who force intercourse. But gays are subject to prosecution for sex acts with a child without limit regardless of whether the allegations involved forced or consensual sex.

Defrocked priest Michael Stephen Baker, 59, said the provision denies equal protection of the law to gay people. He cited a provision of the U.S. Constitution that has been used to advance racial and gender equality.

Baker is trying to claim that he had consensual sex. How one has consexual sex with an unconscious boy (as Baker is alleged to have done) seems a bit tricky to me. At least the Lamba Legal Defense and Education Fund, a gay rights organization, has the sense to recognize this as the homosexual equivalent of O.J. Simpson playing the race card.
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