Friday, April 06, 2007

Lesbians Denied Communion --
Via Yahoo News, two lesbians have been denied Communion in Wyoming after they appeared in the local paper.

"If all this stuff hadn't hit the newspaper, it wouldn't have been any different than before — nobody would have known about it," said the couple's parish priest at St. Matthew's, the Rev. Cliff Jacobson. "The sin is one thing. It's a very different thing to go public with that sin."

And that's really the problem, that they were very public about it. I wouldn't be surprised if their parish priest really did know that they were lesbians.

As a Catholic, I have a fairly simple rule for how I will conduct myself publicly, and it goes doubly because it is easy to link my real name to this blog and to many places that I post. I do my best to not say anything publicly that contradicts the beliefs of the Catholic Church as stated in the Catechism (if, hypothetically, there is anything that I disagree with, a point I am unwilling to concede).

For those of my readers who are Democrats (like me), I characterize my stance as an unwillingness to be a Joe Lieberman to my Church, to give you a metaphor that you can understand. I have a certain loyalty that choose to honor. And, truthfully, I do think less of Catholics who don't show that same sense of loyalty. But I am quite tolerant of Catholics who dissent privately. Heck, it's possible I may agree with them sometimes.
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