Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I am a Populist-leaning, Socialist-leaning Republican --
Not Republican as in GOP, though, thank God. I took this quiz. You can take it too, but take it with a grain of salt. It's a libertarian thing and the biases in wording are fairly obvious. I am somewhat skeptical of these descriptions.

According to the website, I can be broken down as follows:

Populist-leaning on the Liberal-Populist line:

Many who consider society excessively loose or irresponsible fall into this ranking, supporting certain measures to enforce a somewhat more rigid code of moral standards like blue laws, dry county laws, and so forth. The typical social conservative falls here.

Capitalist-leaning on the Capitalist-Socialist line:

Most Democrats and a few Republicans fall here. They are skeptical of corporate scandals, think that balanced budgets are a good reason to raise taxes, and want a more progressive taxation system. They view the estate tax and capital gains tax as necessary balancing devices against the power of the wealthy. They are skeptical or even adamantly opposed to free trade, and consider the IMF, WTO and World Bank to be closed, dangerous, undemocratic and serving the wealthy. They associate economic success with more government spending, low unemployment, and a trade surplus.

Republican on the Radical-Conservative line:

This includes a large bulk of modern-day American politicians, whether Republican or Democratic. This includes values of basic racial equality but not necessarily affirmative action. It's a strong rejection of racism and a strong embrace of democracy, but not into the social levelling or hyper-secularism of the democrat level.
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