Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sounds Like a Threat to Me --
Via the BBC, Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe says that his country's bishops are on a "dangerous path".

He said they would be treated as politicians and not spiritual leaders.

He was responding to an open letter published over Easter, in which they warned of a mass uprising unless free elections are held.

"Many people in Zimbabwe are angry, and their anger is now erupting into open revolt," the letter said.

Mr Mugabe, a Catholic, said he would have told the bishops they were talking "nonsense" if he had seen the letter in church.

"Once [the bishops] turn political, we regard them as no longer spiritual and our relations with them would be conducted as if we are dealing with political entities and this is quite a dangerous path they have chosen for themselves," he is reported as saying in The Herald newspaper.

I believe that the Catholic Church has a legitimate role in speaking about politics and this is a valid example.
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