Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bobby Jindal Vs. the Protestants --
Over at Crooked Timber, Henry Farrell looks at the the recent controversy over some old writings of Louisiana Republican Bobby Jindal.

There’s a lot of excitement in the netroots over a piece written by Bobby Jindal in which he tries to persuade Protestants of the benefits of Catholicism. After reading the piece in question, I’m at a loss to understand what all the fuss is about. It seems to me to be a standard – even banal – exercise in Catholic apologetics.


But if the netroots are blowing it out of proportion, the ‘Jindal on Religion’ website and accompanying TV ad, put up by Louisiana’s Democratic Party, are actively dishonest.

Farrell proceeds to argue that the quotes used are taken out of context, and I think he is correct. That being said, I believe that the Louisiana Democratic Party ought to take those quotes out of context for political purposes. Democrats underperform in elections because they suck at negative campaigning. That deficiency needs to be rectified.
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