Friday, August 10, 2007

Catholic War Hypocrites --
Michael Joseph at Vox Nova calls out Father Richard John Neuhaus for his hypocrisy in criticizing U.S. bishops for being willing to meet with a group of Catholic Democrats to discuss the war in Iraq. He also questions Diogenes of Catholic World News.

Michael Joseph concludes:

It is a true shame when individuals such as Fr. Neuhaus and Diogenes, both of whom have a wide readership, either refuse to engage in rational discourse by villanizing the USCCB or deride the USCCB out apparent ignorance. In any case, Neuhaus and Diogenes are not reliable voices on this matter and each deserves to be called out for his very poor understanding of the relationship between politics and Catholic faith. One of the biggest challenges faithful Catholics in America must overcome is the perpetuation of the misinterpretation of Catholic social teaching conducted within so many so-called "orthodox" and "intellectual" circles. But I think we're up to the task of reclaiming our Catholic patrimony in the social sphere from those who distort and convolve it through the conceptual misappropriation of what Vatican II truly meant by the "autonomy of earthly things."
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