Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On the Jesuits --
Steven R. McEvoy has an essay up on "Why The Jesuits?"

My favorite part is his assessment of Malachi Martin:

When I started the research for this paper, I intended to compare and contrast the Jesuits through the eyes of Douglas Letson, and Michael W. Higgins and their book The Jesuit Mystique, and Malachi Martin's book, The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church. But in talking with Michael Higgins and in starting to read the latter, I agree with Michaels assessment of Martin, namely: "He's Nuts". He is an ex-Jesuit who is bitter and filled with anger.
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Blogger Doug McFerran said...

For another look at Malachi Martin not long before his withdrawal from the Jesuits, I'd suggest Robert Blair Kaiser's autobiographical "Clerical Error." As a young journalist covering the Second Vatican Council in Rome, Kaiser, himself a former Jesuit seminarian, regarded Martin as a friend. Apparently Kaiser's wife came to see him as something more and left him to live with the priest. The Jesuits, it seems, were not thrilled with this development, and this may explain something about why Martin was so venomous in his later writings.

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