Monday, October 07, 2002

Are we entering another Vietnam? Maybe, but not the way some anti-war activists think. I doubt that we are headed into a morass, fighting a war for people who actively oppose the idea in the first place. Instead, of a new Vietnam, we are heading for a new Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.

I think that right now we have the most dishonest administration that we have ever had. Other administrations have blatantly lied, but none has had the joint front that the current one has. I firmly expect the Bush administration to successfully pressure the intelligence community to fabricate evidence that supports the premise that war with Iraq is necessary. I also expect the administration to continue spinning information to support a tenuous case.

I'm not going to claim that the possible attack on a French oil tanker is some sort of black op intended to sway world opinion. I am going to say that watchdog groups have accused the federal government of dragging their feet on the anthrax investigations stemming from a year ago. Not coincidentally, Bush in a speech today mentioned anthrax explicitly as one of the biological weapons developed by Iraq. Since Bush so far has been (and will remain to be) unable to link Saddam Hussein to Al-Qaeda and September 11, instead he must resort to trying to get people to understand his implied statements. Even though there is no evidence linking Iraq to the anthrax attacks.

With a Gulf of Tonkin strategy, Bush must blow smoke into the eyes of Congress in order to gain a resolution authorizing the use of force. And as we all know, George W. Bush blows.

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