Friday, March 21, 2003

I've basically turned into that guy who says things that other people wouldn't say.

What's fun about NASCAR? Car crashes. Surprise violence.

What do I want out of Bush's Blitzkrieg on Baghdad? Something, anything, that's surprising. I just want one major thing to go vastly contrary to predictions. I don't care what it is. I don't care if it helps or hurts Saddam Hussein. I just want some unpredictable thing to occur, making all the talking heads on 24-hours news television scramble for something unscripted to say.

This is pretty much a scripted war. Joe Millionaire was more spontaneous than the TV coverage of this war. I have a mild amount of respect for the propaganda skills of the Bush regime. They know what they are doing.

But, yeah, I want something unpredictable to happen. Saddam Hussein is captured and is revealed to be a woman or an alien. The Turks actually seize Kurdish oil fields right here, right now. Someone sets us up a nuclear bomb. A reporter gets up during a press conference and slaps the hell out of that assclown Donald Rumsfeld.

If you think I don't care about the lives of American troops, there's probably some truth to that. I don't want them to live, I don't want them to die. I don't fucking care anymore. It's total apathy. Personally, I'd be amused to see media reactions if one of those live pictures of Baghdad showed a U.S. plane being destroyed. This is purely out of academic curiosity; I'm interested in the effect such depictions have on the American public.

I've pretty much chosen to emotionally detach myself from the death of war. Oh, I still retain intellectual positions on what ought to be done. (Regime Change in 2004, folks.) But I'm not going to cry when people die. I don't feel bad that I'm the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral.

I'm even the kind of guy who laughs during war.

I'm laughing right now.
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