Sunday, November 07, 2004

Bringing Democracy the the Middle East --
Brian Ulrich writes:

Abu Aardvark, in discussing parallels between Islamism and the religious right in the United States, comments that "Christianism has not produced a bin Laden." He's right in terms of the ability Islamist terrorist networks have to cause mass destruction; however, if anyone doubts the most extreme members of the religious right (whom I believe are a minority of that movement) are incapable of the same level of violent hatred, I would direct them here.

Still, the Religious Right is probably not going to work outside of the American political tradition while terrorism is the political use of violence outside the framework of government.

I have always contended that the way to bring Islamic extremists to the table is to offer them the opportunity to attain their goals through democratic means. The cynic in me considers offering the Arab world a free shot at Israel is they all become democracies.

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