Sunday, September 30, 2007

Canada's State-Supported Religious Schooling --
Did you know that Canada funds religious schools? (Well, I did, but my question was if you, my non-existent reader did.) Via the Christian Science Monitor, Rondi Anderson writes on how school funding is affecting the upcoming provincial elections in Ontario.

In the United States, there was state establishment of religion at the onset. Not at the federal level, since the Bill of Rights forbade it, but at the state level for many of the states. The language of the First Amendment was even crafted to ensure that it didn't outlaw the states' establishment of religion.

That establishment slowly went out of fashion. In Massachusetts, for example. disestablishment occurred because Congregationalists didn't like state money going to the growing number of Unitarians.

Adamson would prefer to scrap all funding of religious schools in Canada, but thinks that the status quo is better than funding similar schools for Jews, Muslims, and evangelicals. If Adamson really wanted to defund all religious schools, she should encourage the funding of all religions in the short term in order to make the entire system so poisonous that enough people want to get rid of it. (Which isn't to say that I think Canadians should scrap their system. I'm fairly tolerant of such measures, moreso than others on the American political left.)
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