Friday, May 30, 2008

Factoring Scott McClellan --
Jossip reports that Bill O'Reilly will finally get to talk to disgruntled Bush administration mouthpiece Scott McClellan. This after complaining that McClellan backed out of an agreement to appear, only to have someone from McClellan's publisher note:

I work for McClellan’s publisher and saw first-hand what happened: We booked Scott’s media on the highest-rated shows that called us first. Whatever Scott may have said to him in the past, show producers know that these gigs are booked through book publicists. But we did not get a call from O’Reilly. When we reached out to them, because Scott did very much want to appear on Fox’s best-rated show, O’Reilly’s producer would not agree to have Scott come on unless they could “go first.” Since we already had long committed to other shows who demonstrated early interest, we could not just put O’Reilly at the front of the queue and renege on those existing commitments. Whereupon O’Reilly’s producer declined to have him on at all. We are happy to sell books to anyone, and have booked many an author on O’Reilly; but we are not happy to acquiesce to the “me first or I don’t play at all” tactics of show producers, nor do we like them then trying to pass off the absence of the guest as some kind of evil money-making ploy on our part and moral superiority on theirs. So it’s not ok for a publishing house to try to make money, but ok for a television show to try to get ratings (which lead to advertisers which lead to money)?
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