Friday, October 18, 2002

Vatican 'protecting paedophile priests'

Part of me thinks that there is some sort of anti-Catholic bias in this headline. I note there are quote marks around "protecting paedophile priests," yet that isn't a quote attributed to anyone in the story.

I think anyone who complains about the rights of those accused of terrorism, yet expresses an negative opinion about the rights of priests accused of pedophilia are hypocrites probably motivated by anti-religious, or perhaps specifically anti-Catholic, bigotry. Sadly, a lot of the most vocal members of the left have an anti-Catholic leaning. It is assumed by many that if a priest is accused of sexual abuse is automatically guilty. People forget the case of the late Cardinal Bernadin who was once accused of abusing a seminarian. It turned out that the accusations, based on "recovered memories" were false, and Bernadin forgave his false accuser.

Forget racial profiling, what about religious profiling?

And while we're on the subject of pedophilia, I have a suspicion that there is a genetic predisposition to pedophilia. In one sense, that would make it natural. Yet, I believe that sometimes we ought to try to overcome human nature, and not surrender to it.

A similar argument, that it is "natural," is applied by proponents of gay rights. I support gay rights. I am not in favor of this line of arguing. A great range of behaviors, desirable or undesirable, probably have genetic predispositions of a class similar to that proposed for homosexuality. If some humans are genetically disposed to go to war, does that make war natural?

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