Wednesday, November 06, 2002

I feel the need to write as I sit in Vientiane, Laos. I was explaining to a traveling companion some of the foreign policy of the current U.S. administration as pertains to the United Nations.

The UN is not the seed crystal for the formation of a world government. Organizations such as NAFTA or the EU form a better basis if that is what you want. No, the experience of both world wars taught the globe to fear the actions of superpowers. The UN's main purpose is not humanitarian, not economic, though it is often used in such secondary realms. Ignoring the rhetoric of peace, the UN is meant primarily to check superpowers. During the Cold War, the UN was useful to the United States as a tool to be used against the Soviet Union.

Now, the U.S. rules the roost as the world's only superpower. The UN is a weapon which has only one target. This makes some American strategists increasingly uncomfortable with the UN. The plan of the Bush administration is to do anything it can to weaken this check on American power.

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