Friday, November 15, 2002

Conservative Christians losing power, interest in political arena

Woe unto you, all you would-be populists. The Christian Coalition has been the major populist force of the past several decades. Its energy and influence is waning, as all populist movements eventually do.

The lesson is this: populism is not a sound basis for building a lasting political coalition. While it is useful as a tool to revitalize or jumpstart an organization, populist zeal will not last forever.

The left seems to feel that the hoi polloi have been hoodwinked by the right and that a lifting of the veil of obscurity will somehow allow the common man to easily see what the liberal knows by heart.

It's time for this attitude to end. The left must accept an elitist point of view. Populism is but a tool to be used, not the main vehicle for change. The desired outcomes should not change, but tactics should be wider. Use grass roots, but don't get high on them.

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